Photo Gallery

Day 1:
Editor Parrish unpacks her hard drives
Kat (DP) and Laura (AC) look to hang light

Kat hangs a light as Laura and Rachel (PA) look on

JR, Katie, Jackie and Jake get into character

looking over the camera's shoulder

Katie, Leann, Jackie and Kate (Producer) wait for the camera to be set-up for an outside shot

some of the food needed to feed our cast and crew

Day 2:
Jackie helps Jake with his make-up

Pat operates the boom, Kat and Laura are on camera, Chris slates and Sasha checks continuity as JR and Jake get ready to film a scene

Arjun listens to the sound mix

Jackie, Katie and Leann fit the part of high school friends

 Day 3:
shooting Over Easy at the 12th Street Ale House

Spencer shows off his costume

shooting at the bar

Dan and Kat set-up the shot

Liz and Paul waiting for a shot
Day 4:
Connor blacks out the windows for a night scene

the cast hanging out

Leann helps Natalie with her hair

Liz and Kelsey

Arjun and Pat (Sound Dept) confer with Parrish (Editor)

Sasha script supervising

Day 6:

Jake's character at an audition

two cameras capture the action

Day 7:

Dan discusses the scene with Thomas

Dan and Thomas going over blocking

Nick (boom), Pat (sound mix) and Kat (DP) observe rehearsal

Jake studies his lines

Day 8:

Jake and Thomas read through script changes

Dan holds a bag with all the coffee for the cast and crew

Leann straightens Liz's hair

Liz lies still as the crew adjusts lighting

Day 9:

the crew arrives for an outdoor scene on Reggies Way 

Liz listens as Dan explains a scene

getting ready to shoot on Reggies Way

Annie gets the boom ready

Day 10:

a screen capture from the final scene of the film with JR and Jake

filming at sunrise

the sound department poses for our own American Gothic

filming in Baird State Park in the early morning mist

filming a scene between Sammy (JR) and his father (Jack)

Day 11:

first overnight shoot at the Daily Planet Diner

sound department gets their gear together

Dan and Kat line up the shot

Leann and Jake look so good in their costumes a diner costume actually tried to order coffee from them
Day 12:
Kate and Dan

Taylor (Doug) and Jenn (Denise) find their direction hilarious

Annie and JR wait for the next scene

Day 13:

JR and Liz's characters confront each other

Arjun helps Eugene with his mic

The whole crew discusses a shot

Liz gets ready for a particularly sad scene

Day 14:

Jake (Tom) and Leann (Anna) film a scene while Annie records their dialogue

Shooting in the parking lot

Day 15:
Kat and Dan review the shot list

Annie shows off the wind screen on the boom mic

Dan and Evan make sure the continuity checks out

Kat likes what she sees

Day 16:
JR poses in some blue lighting

Dan, Arjun and Kat keep the stress levels low

Jackie shows that we love our Silk Milk!

Camera watches actors David Drescher and JR Gudger as they listen to Dan

Day 17:
Dan, Kat and Kate check the shot

Jake and Leann go through their blocking for Annie

The crew silhouetted in the Poughkeepsie train station

The sun rises, the morning light turns blue and our shooting day comes to a close