Get Involved

We are an independent production and that means a loyal cast & crew working on a shoestring budget. Help support talented and driven artists in their mission to make this project a reality.

Want to get involved with Over Easy and get your name in the credits? Here are a few ways you can help:

Donate to our project via Kickstarer. Kickstarter is awesome because no one's credit card will be charged until enough money has been pledged to cover our budget! Check out our Kickstarter page and donate today! Each donation level will be compensated with a reward. These range from a copy of the DVD to an invite to the Cast/Crew wrap party!

Go to our Kickstarter page below to donate!

While financial backing is essential, there are many in-kind donations that will greatly support our film.  
In order for this film to come to fruition, we need many things including: 

Cups/Plates/Paper Goods 
Coffee & Food for the Cast and Crew
Gas (Gift Certificates to Gas Stations)
Make-Up Products
Light Bulbs (contact us for specific types)
Sound Equipment 

To discuss in-kind donations, please contact us at: